God makes life simple. There are two paths: one leads to peace and the other leads to perpetual restlessness.

We tend to over complicate everything and in so doing, we create many rocky paths, unfortunate detours, and find ourselves in constant crossroads fueling broken destinies that only lead us to…

Photo by Wes Shinn

I will announce the decree of the Lord: He said to me, ‘You are My Son, “Today I have fathered you.” Ps. 2:7

Sin debilitates human grit. It takes intentionality, self-control, and consistency to increase your mental fitness. There is great need for power; an unstoppable force from within to…

Keiko Chibana-Shinn

is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate (LCMHCA) through the North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors.

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