God makes life simple. There are two paths: one leads to peace and the other leads to perpetual restlessness.

We tend to over complicate everything and in so doing, we create many rocky paths, unfortunate detours, and find ourselves in constant crossroads fueling broken destinies that only lead us to dead ends.

Jesús calls us into One Way, One Truth, and One Life, so we must make it count. It’s mentally draining to stay stuck in the past or lost in the fear of the future. This is why so many of us struggle with depression and anxiety. The state of our thoughts and emotions are never truly ours to rule in Christ or significantly present with us because the mind hooked on yesterday or terrified of tomorrow hijacks our ability to be in the here and now. Jesús tells us, all we have is Today- this. Very. Moment.

Psalm 1 highlights the power and purpose of meditation when we embrace single-mindedness. Meditation on God’s Word is an awakening to the reality that God calls you to lead your life rather than be overtaken by it, being tossed back and forth by the waves, blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning craftiness of those punching against the wind, perpetrators of deceitful scheming. Lifestyle of Scripture meditation gently removes all the hefty distractions, the what if’s, alerts you to prideful motives, toxic triggers, and avoidant behaviors, the self-doubt and all too many insecurities.

Meditation guides you back into your creative self — where you can freely dream, imagine, and cultivate a new beginning with the true Builder and Maker of all your possibilities. Eating up God’s Word Today builds a life upon truth. Truth is a solid answer for an insecure heart. There’s healing, peace, and joy for the wrestling and the weary. Enter in His Word to cement you into reality which exists right here and now. The canvas is ready for you to become what you want it to be as you delight yourself in Him. There are no limitations for the mind and heart that remains freely centered in His Love.


Meditate on Psalm 1:2. Pick out 1–2 words or phrases. Journal, draw, or sing about them. Or just practice a deep breathing exercise by pondering the Psalm while deeply inhaling, hold… and exhale, noticing a release from the heaviness. Thank you, Jesús. I’m in the here and now with You.

is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate (LCMHCA) through the North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors.